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B2B Lead Generation

Take charge of your online marketing by attracting quality leads and new sales opportunities. 

Running a B2B business can be tricky and complex. And while you may be generating leads with tools like scrapers or cold calling, implementing the wrong lead generation strategy can result in low-quality sales leads. With data-driven marketing, you can optimize the sales process by allowing you to target specific demographics, generate leads and conversion, and grow your business.

Traffic that Converts

The first place to address when improving your B2B digital marketing is your own website, and ultimately, you’re aiming to drive web traffic and convert those visitors into leads. Though having a sleek appearance helps enhance your brand, it is equally important to focus on navigation, headers, and incorporating data capture functions. 

Your website is like a shop window, you have few seconds to entice your visitors into staying, so let us do the hard work and make your navigation and headers crystal clear and fully in line with what your future buyers will be looking for. 

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Sort Your Rankings

To be successful in B2B environments, you will first need to increase your website traffic volume, build a reputation on Google and outrank your competitors. 

Despite time-consuming, by optimizing your SEO, you create and preserve an advantage over your competitors that don’t have the resources to put into this effort - all driven by keywords, and how you map them to relate back to your website network. Let us dictates where your website stands in the rankings of your prospect's internet searches. 


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Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects with highly personalized and useful content that helps convert cold leads to delighted clients.  

With marketing automation, you can cut out the manual workload of managing segmented lists, targeting user behaviors and a whole bunch of tasks by sending targeted and highly personalized content.

We' ll help you nurture sales leads, craft the perfect subject line that resonates with your customer, reduce that friction, speed up your flywheel and see improved marketing ROI.

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Turn email leads into more email leads

By determining who your customers are, you can get them to do all the hard work for you. By creating a referral campaign, you will be able to turn existing leads into new ones.

We' ll help you create a persuasive incentive content to encourage your customers to spread their word to as many people as they can: to set up fully automated referral campaigns using this automation workflow or create your own, based on the criteria of your choice.

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LinkedIn Advertising 

With Linkedin Ads, it allows you to directly contact to business decision-makers like no other network. With this, you can reach out to the individuals who make the key purchase decisions. With us, we can help you target big spenders and decision-makers. 

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Social Media Lead Generation

Without a doubt, social media plays a huge part in the buyer journey. Not only can it boosts your digital lead generation by raising brand awareness, but it also allows you to boost and share content with a more “human” approach. With a good social media strategy, you'll see your business credibility soar and it does wonders in promoting your brand as thought leaders. 

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Landing Page Design and Development

From our experience, we know that the B2B landing page is all about getting straight to the point about what customers want and how can we help. At Hy digital, we can help you build a successful B2B landing page that turns decision-makers into long-life customers. 

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Track Your Performance 

Explore data, conversions and performance insights in an analytics platform to visualize how potential leads are navigating around your site. You can only make effective marketing decisions for you business with a clear understanding of your market and customers 

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